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Lightning wallets can be categorized into custodial and non-custodial wallets. With custodial wallets, you trust the operator of the wallet with your funds, but often pay no or a smaller set-up fee. If you are downloading a Lightning wallet purely to play with your Laisee, you might find a custodial wallet most suitable. If you are serious about storing funds in bitcoin, we recommend a non-custodial wallet.

Top Up your Wallet

You can top up your @laiseebot Wallet with 3 different methods: 1) Invoice 2) Lightning Address 3) External Exchange

Watch a Demo here on how to top up with @laiseebot:

Create Laisee with laiseebot

Non-custodial wallets:

Breez (Google Play, Testflight for iOS)

Muun (Google Play, iOS

Phoenix (Google Play, iOS)

Simple Bitcoin Wallet (Google Play, F-Droid)

Custodial wallets

Bluewallet (Google Play, iOS)

LNTXBOT (Telegram)

Wallet of Satoshi (Google Play, iOS)

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