How to send Laisee

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Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong
Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong

Option 1: Contact the @laiseebot

Through Telegram, find the @laiseebot and iniate a conversation with Start.

You can create a Laisee over 100 satoshi with the command /laisee 100 or by clicking on Create Laisee in the menu.

You can specify any amount. The bot will give you some recommendations.

You will be handed an image with a QR code. You can forward this image to anyone on the globe, using any platform.

Be careful to only send each QR code to only one person, as each QR code can only be redeemed once. You always need to keep enough balance in your wallet for all outstanding Laisee. You can see your current balance with the command /balance or by clicking on Get Balance in the menu.

Watch a Demo here:

Create Laisee with laiseebot

Option 2: Manually create Laisee in LNBits

LNbits is a free and open-source Lightning accounts system. It is included in Umbrel and many other self-sovereign platforms. You can run your own LNBits instance and connect it to a variety of funding sources, for instance, your own Lightning node.

Follow these steps to make your own Laisee:

  • In LNBits, create a wallet and fund it with satoshi.

  • Enable the LNURLw extension and navigate to it.

  • Using Quick Vouchers you can specify your wallet and the total amount of the Laisee. Always set Number of vouchers to 1.

  • In your list of withdrawl links, you can access the QR code, hyperlink and raw LNURL.

  • Print the QR codes on a piece of paper, or embed them in a NFC card.



Get LNBits

Red envelope template

Inlet template front

Inlet template front (for transparent QR codes)

Inlet template back

Digital template

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